Sergio Mitre arrested in Mexico on utterly heinous charges

On Monday, former major league pitcher Sergio Mitre was arrested in Mexico on some utterly heinous charges.

Sergio Mitre has been in trouble with the law previously. Back in 2019, Mitre was charged with attempted femicide against his former girlfriend – attempting to murder her strictly because she is female. However, he was allowed to walk free after paying a 20,000 peso fine and the requirement that he wore an electronic tracking bracelet.

Mitre was released by the Saraperos de Saltillo after that incident, with the team putting forth an announcement about how they decry domestic violence. But those proved to be just words, as Mitre rejoined the team and was pushed as one of their leaders – signing autographs and making videos for the team’s official YouTube channel.

Those days are long over. On Monday, Mitre was arrested on charges of drug possession for possessing two bags of marijuana, and the rape and murder of the two year old daughter of his live-in girlfriend.

The child’s mother, who had been in a relationship with Mitre for three months at the time, reportedly brought the child to the doctor due to her vomiting. After she continued vomiting throughout the day, the true nature of her suffering was revealed, as she had a ruptured renal artery, which led to the shock which caused her passing.

Mitre had spent eight years in the majors, playing for four different teams, primarily the Chicago Cubs, between 2003 and 2011. In that time, he posted a 13-30 record, along with a 5.21 ERA and a 1.487 WHiP, but his career was mainly notable for a 50 game drug suspension. Prior to joining the Mexican League in 2017, Mitre attempted a comeback in Japan that failed to develop.

He did not exactly have much success in the Mexican League either. While his 12-5 record in 2019 was solid, he posted a 6.10 ERA and a 1.655 WHiP in his 103.1 innings, striking out 63 batters with 29 walks. And yet, he was a part of those videos and one of the faces for Saltillo.

Now, Sergio Mitre’s face is a mug shot, as he was arrested for some incredibly heinous crimes.