Trevor Bauer upset at MLB, Detroit Tigers over short notice

Trevor Bauer is pissed at Major League Baseball and the Detroit Tigers for calling off the Cincinnati Reds game, and rightfully so.

In theory, Trevor Bauer was set to take the mound for the Cincinnati Reds in their game against the Detroit Tigers on Saturday afternoon. He had gone through his elaborate pre-game ritual, and was ready to go as the Reds attempted to get on track. Then, the raindrops began to fall, with the tarp being pulled on the field just minutes before the first pitch.

This decision to delay, and then postponed the game, rankled Bauer. As he has so often in the past, he took to Twitter to voice his annoyance with Major League Baseball for allowing this to happen.

Bauer absolutely has a point. One would assume that MLB has access to The Weather Channel (or could contact Mike Trout for a weather report) and can monitor whether or not a game should take place. Weather forecasts indicated rain beginning on Saturday, with the possibility of flash flooding, prompting the Tigers to move the game up five hours in the first place. This should not have been a difficult decision.

Instead, it has been just like everything else this year. The league has continued to show its incompetence at every level, from handling the negotiations to begin the season to the season itself. Why would postponing a game due to weather be any different, even if that is something that has been done thousands of times before?

Bauer has been a vocal critic of Rob Manfred in the past. He has ripped into the commissioner about proposed rule changes, his stalling tactics during negotiations for the 2020 season, and went on an impressive rant about everything that is currently wrong with the game.

This late decision to postpone, and then subsequently cancel the game, hurts Bauer and the Reds far more than it hurt the Tigers. Michael Fulmer, the Tigers scheduled starter, was only going to pitch three innings. Bauer, meanwhile, was set to pitch his normal workload. For a team in need of wins like the Reds, Saturday was a chance to make up some ground.

Instead, it will be remembered for another Trevor Bauer rant against the state of Major League Baseball. And, as has often been the case, he is correct.