Joey Votto ready to root on Joey Votto

Joey Votto has a way to potentially make the cardboard fans in the stands even more interesting by simply being himself.

It is inevitable that virtually every player will be asked their thoughts about the cardboard fans in the stands. For the most part, there will be stock answers given, especially as it is a situation that no one can do anything about. And then, we have players like Joey Votto.

On Monday, Votto was asked about those cardboard fans. In typically Votto style, he gave an absolutely perfect answer.

It would certainly be an interesting sight. Imagine a section near first base, just filled with cardboard cutouts of Joey Votto looking on as he plays first. Just an entire section of Votto’s face staring out at the field, watching himself on the diamond.

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There is only one way this could be better. If Votto was to have an entire section of his own cutouts, there should be one seat directly in the middle reserved for someone else – Cincinnati Reds announcer and noted Joey Votto hater Marty Brennaman. It would likely be his own version of Hell, to be surrounded by Votto’s smiling face in every possible direction.

If there is one player on the Reds with the gravitas to be able to pull off such a move, it would be Votto. He ranks fifth all time in franchise history with 62.2 bWAR, between Hall of Famers Frank Robinson and Joe Morgan. From 2009 through 2017, he was one of the few reasons to watch the team, as he led the Reds in WAR every year, aside from 2014.

At this point, there is no question that he is going to be a lifetime member of the organization. Signed through 2023 and with a team option for 2024, he would be 40 years old when his contract comes to an end. He has been one of the great stars for the franchise, an on-base machine with solid power in his prime, a six time All Star, and the 2010 NL MVP.

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Joey Votto may want to have a section with his own likeness in the stands. The Cincinnati Reds should let him have some fun and make this idea happen.