Kansas City Royals give Marlins Man needed makeover

The Kansas City Royals may not have actual fans in the stands, but that did not stop them from giving Marlins Man a makeover.

Over the years, Marlins Man has been a unique presence at almost every major sporting event. Even during regular season games, he can be seen at the ballpark, sitting behind home plate in his trademark orange gear. It does not matter which teams are playing – the bright orange Marlins jersey and visor are a presence.

Despite fans not physically being at the game, his cutout was in the stands for the Kansas City Royals game against the Cubs. Naturally, Royals mascot Sluggerrr took advantage of the opportunity to give his cutout a makeover.

It was inevitable that the makeover would happen. Teams have typically been requiring that the cutouts are not wearing opposing jerseys, although an exception could have been made for Marlins Man.

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Even if that was to happen in real life, chances are that he would have a sense of humor about it. His goal seems to be to sit back and enjoy the game, taking in as many events as possible. He has been extremely fan friendly, and really seems to want to have a good time.

There is also his dispute with the Marlins organization. He had clashed with Derek Jeter over ticket prices and his desire for a role as an ambassador for the team. It had gotten to the point where he was looking for a new team to represent, with Marlins Man changing colors.

So why not Royals Man? He has been a presence at Kauffman Stadium over the years, and has mentioned how much he enjoyed the park and the fans. If he was curious as to how he would look in a jersey, Sluggerrr did provide a bit of a preview.

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Marlins Man received a bit of a makeover, courtesy of the Kansas City Royals and Sluggerrr. Maybe this can be the start of a new affiliation, and the birth of Royals Man.