Ozzie Guillen says how he really feels about Nick Swisher

Ozzie Guillen was never one to shy away from speaking his mind. That was certainly the case in his thoughts about former outfielder Nick Swisher.

Over the course of his managerial career with the Chicago White Sox and Miami Marlins, Ozzie Guillen was not one to keep his thoughts to himself. In an often profane manner, Guillen would let his thoughts fly, any semblance of a filter out the window. While those thoughts occasionally led to trouble, Guillen’s managerial ability tended to win out.

As such, it is not a surprise that Guillen let loose then asked about former outfielder Nick Swisher. And did he ever let loose.

Swisher and Guillen spent one year together with the White Sox back in 2008. But to Guillen, that was one year too long.

One can understand Guillen’s frustrations. The White Sox had traded a highly regarded pitching prospect in Gio Gonzalez to acquire him from the A’s, only to see Swisher post the worst season of his career to that point. He posted a .219/.332/.410 batting line, hitting 24 homers and 21 doubles in his 588 plate appearances before being sent to the Yankees, where he resurrected his career.

It is easy to see where the two would clash. Swisher was always smiling, a seemingly happy-go-lucky player who wanted to be everyone’s friend. Guillen, meanwhile, was the same type of manager that was as a player – someone who wanted to win at all costs and had no problems making enemies along the way.

That is evident in the way Guillen looks back at their time together, even a dozen years later. That disdain may well have contributed to Swisher’s struggles in Chicago and his subsequent return to form in New York. Had he found success at the plate, Guillen may have been more willing to find a common bond, but as it was, he benched Swisher heading into the postseason for Dewayne Wise.

Ozzie Guillen never held back as a manager. And he certainly did not hold back when asked about former Chicago White Sox outfielder Nick Swisher.