Washington Nationals: Luis Garcia makes us all feel old

With his home run on Monday night, Washington Nationals rookie Luis Garcia made every single one of us feel old.

It was inevitable that this would happen. Players that were born in the 21st century have begun making their debut in the majors, with Blue Jays reliever Elvis Luciano the first player to do so. Other players born this century have begun to reach the majors, with the Washington Nationals promoting Luis Garcia to take over as their second baseman.

On Monday night, Garcia did his part to make all of us feel older. His second inning homer made him the first player born in the 21st century to hit a home run in MLB history.

Well, there it is. It is time to fill out the AARP membership application, turn on Matlock reruns, and reminisce about the Good Ol’ Days, back when the players had grey hair and beards and we did not. Where have you gone, Jamie Moyer? An aging fan turns his bespeckled eyes to you.

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In all seriousness, Garcia is one of the Nationals’ top prospects. He was a consensus top 100 prospect prior to the 2019 season, and ranked as their second best prospect heading into 2020. Garcia is considered to have a knack for putting the barrel of the bat on the ball, hitting the ball hard to all fields. Once he improves his approach, it is expected that he will become an above average hitter.

Garcia showed some of that potential during his minor league career. He rose through the ranks quickly, reaching AA in 2019. Overall, he had produced a .281/.312/.373 batting line in his 1308 plate appearances, with 51 doubles and 34 steals. He is also considered to be the Nationals’ best defensive prospect, with his fielding and arm considered superlative.

Chances are, he is not going to be a formidable power hitter. But he has the potential to hit double digit homers and use his speed for plenty of doubles. Even if he does not end up being a power hitting middle infielder, Garcia still made certain his name will be in the record books.

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On Monday, Luis Garcia became the first player born in the 21st century to hit a home run. At the same time, the Washington Nationals prospect made us all feel that much older.

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