Chicago Cubs: Anthony Rizzo is right – nothing changes at all

Even if he spoke from frustration, Chicago Cubs first baseman Anthony Rizzo is correct when he says that nothing changes.

One can understand the anger and frustration felt by Anthony Rizzo. He has dealt with tragedy in his own personal life as an alumnus of Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. Rizzo has heard the outpouring of support and promises of change that have followed this, and every other tragedy, over the past four years.

And he has also seen those promises become nothing more than empty platitudes. Now, Rizzo has had enough. (warning – language)

This frustration is only the tip of the iceberg. We see it whenever we turn on the news or head to social media – seemingly the same images every day, only in different locations and with different names.

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It is a tumultuous time. Between the ongoing pandemic, continued protests and violence, and a cavernous divide amongst the people, there are plenty of issues that are being forced to the forefront. The lack of progress and actual change has been dragged to the forefront, brought forth in all of its ignobility.

For many, and even the athletes, sports are a means of escape. It is a sanctuary where the issues of everyday life can be put aside, even if for a few hours. To see those problems encroach on that escape can be an uncomfortable feeling, where that one avenue has become a reminder of that which is easier to ignore.

And that brings us back to Rizzo, for he understands that desire to escape, and the vitriol that rains down when that cannot happen. Likewise, he understands that the promises and empty words do not matter. Maybe the decision several teams and players made not to take the field on Wednesday will not matter either, but it forces the conversation to continue.

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Change needs to begin somewhere. As Chicago Cubs first baseman Anthony Rizzo noted, it will take people that actually care about what is happening to make those changes occur.