Chicago Cubs: Cameron Maybin a sneaky smart addition

Apparently the Chicago Cubs have room on their roster for a veteran, vagabond, outfielder, and Cameron Maybin will reward them for their interest.

A former first-round pick and the latest addition by the Chicago Cubs, Cameron Maybin is starting to make a name for himself as an insurance policy for late-season playoff pushes.

He was added to the Houston Astros roster ahead of their 2017 World Series run. He was added by the New York Yankees early in 2019 and was an asset come playoff time, as the Pinstripers came up just short of a trip to the World Series.

Now, the Cubs are the next team to bring in the speedy outfielder.

The 33-year old Maybin was back with the Detroit Tigers, the team who took him with the 10th overall pick in the 2005 draft. The Tigers fell out of the race, and the Cubs came-a-calling.

Maybin hasn’t been a full-time player since 2015 when he was playing for the Atlanta Braves. He may not be as durable as he once was, but he is good for late-inning speed and defense.

For the Cubs, he’ll be an extra outfielder and a pinch-runner. He played the part very well in the playoffs for both the Astros and Yankees. His playoff experience consists of just 13 at-bats, in which he has four hits, a home run, and a perfect 3-3 in stolen base opportunities.

Maybin came cheap. All the Cubs had to part with was a former 17th round utility infielder. He’ll also be cheap, costing the Cubs around $225K for the remainder of the season.

The Cubs addressed two needs at the deadline this year. They added two relievers to the bullpen and two outfielders to the bench. Jose Martinez joins Maybin in the Wrigley Field outfield as the newest additions to ChiTown.

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Come playoff time, the acquisition of Cameron Maybin may prove to be the best move the Cubs made at the deadline. Role players seem to come up big in the postseason.

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