Dear MLB, The time to replace Umpires has come

We understand that umpires are part of the game, but we have to face reality. It’s time for MLB to replace umpires.

We already understand the notion that no one is perfect. There is a reason why pencils have erasers and white-out is made. However, this does not include the fact that strike zones in MLB do not matter anymore.

Watch a game this season and you’ll see low and outside balls being called strikes, inside the zone strikes being called balls. The bottom line is games are coming down to obvious errors and miscalls. At this point, the need for something different is long overdue in the game of baseball.

Lack of Quality in Umpires

We’ve all seen the biggest examples of what needs to be fixed with the umpiring system. With the likes of Angel Hernandez and Joe West there are no greater examples to profess the need for a change in the system.

Over a month ago, MLB returned under the lights with the Washington Nationals played against the New York Yankees on Opening Night. On that specific night, Hernandez missed a good amount of calls and even took a massive outside pitch for strike 3.  Consequently, his calls were met with criticism by both fans and former players such as Pedro Matinez.

Quoted via the bible, “Major League Baseball needs to do something about Angel,” It doesn’t matter how many times he sues Major League baseball. He’s as bad as there is.”   Although he is the shining beacon of bad umpiring in today’s game, Jim Reynolds called what was a sure strike down the middle only to be called a ball.

MLB has the same access to these games that viewers have as well. Why continue to keep a system around that has produced controversy in almost every baseball season is beyond a lot of people’s thoughts.


MLB has an issue of holding onto the human element just for the sake of tradition. While that is good in some aspects of the games (i.e. throwbacks, rules, and observations), other things need to move along with the times. Figuratively speaking, MLB is going analog while every other league has moved onto digital.

The human element is outplayed and to be honest the last thing that has taken away many epic pitching duels and was a deciding factor into the 1985 World Series. Denkinger calls the baserunner for the royals to be safe against the Cardinals.

To this day the call lives in postseason infamy.  Technology has managed to show the flaws of the current system with pitch tracking cameras and instant replay. It’s time for people to ask for a better system in baseball.

Ending Thoughts

The reality of all of baseball is that it is the national pastime that is held up by people. Mistakes happen and no one is perfect. However, MLB shouldn’t hold onto a Angel Hernandez for “the love of the game.” There shouldn’t be a hesitation due to the fact that it will break tradition. Sometimes it’s ok to move beyond the past and accept the future.