MLB: Five players the game needs to market moving forward

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(Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images)

MLB has a major issue with marketing their players. Here are five players that the league needs to put front and center as soon as possible.

Major League Baseball has continually fallen behind other spots in terms of Q Rating. Very simply, most average sports fans could not pull an MLB player out of a lineup if their lives depended on it. The best known players to this day, the Babe Ruth‘s and Mickey Mantle‘s of the world, have not set foot on a diamond in decades.

But according to the league, that is the fault of the players. MLB commissioner Rob Manfred believes that the players should market themselves, that it is not the job of the league itself to do so. Then again, Manfred has a tendency to believe what he wants, despite any other evidence staring him in the face.

Clearly, what the league and players are doing is not working. The league needs to work with the players, and the union, to market their players better. They need to get their stars in front of as many people as possible, to make these players household names. And they need to market those who are clearly passionate about the sport, to bring that enthusiasm to a potential fanbase.

Which players should MLB look to market? Let’s look at some ideas.

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