Philadelphia Phillies bullpen is still a disaster

The Philadelphia Phillies thought they had fixed their bullpen issues at the trade deadline. Recent performance indicates this is not the case.

The Philadelphia Phillies had a busy trade deadline. As they have hovered around .500 due, in large part, to their continued bullpen struggles, the Phillies made numerous moves to fix that problem. Four different relievers were acquired as the Phillies completely overhauled their bullpen hoping that would make a difference.

We all know what they say about best laid plans. Instead of making a difference, the Phillies bullpen has continued to be a disaster, especially as of late.

Needless to say that these moves have not exactly worked out. This has not been the fault of just one reliever, as the bullpen woes continue to be a collective effort.

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The trio of Heath Hembree, David Phelps, and David Hale have been a disaster for Philadelphia. Over the course of their 12 combined innings, they have allowed 14 runs on 20 hits and seven walks. Nine of those 20 hits have left the yard, underscoring their ineffectiveness since being acquired.

Workman has not exactly been a bastion of stability as the Phillies new closer either. While he has allowed just five runs in his 10.1 innings, there has been a lot of luck involved there. Workman has issued eight walks while allowing 16 hits, making even his successful outings a tightrope act.

General manager Matt Klentak grabbed any reliever he could at the deadline, attempting to cobble something together without there being a truly elite option available. On paper, that quartet was better than what the Phillies had. But the games are paid between the lines, where that quartet has failed in spectacular fashion.

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The Philadelphia Phillies thought they had fixed their bullpen issues at the trade deadline. It turns out that they thought wrong.

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