Boston Red Sox: Do not discount a return for Alex Cora

The Boston Red Sox still have not determined who their manager will be for 2021. Do not discount Alex Cora’s chances of returning.

The Boston Red Sox found themselves in a difficult situation when it came to Alex Cora. His involvement with AstroGate, and subsequent suspension for the 2020 season, led to his being fired. Ron Roenicke, who was handed a one year contract to manage the club this year, had a 24-36 record in what was a rebuilding year.

Boston already announced that Roenicke would not be back in 2021, at least in a managerial capacity. Naturally, as the Red Sox begin their quest to find a new manager, Cora was mentioned to Chief Baseball Officer Chiam Bloom, who chose to essentially not answer the question.

Let the speculation begin! Cora had seemed like a possibility to return even before the season officially started, as Roenicke was given just a one year deal. As Boston essentially sat out free agency, and traded one of the best players in the game in Mookie Betts to cut payroll, Roenicke was set up to bite the bullet in 2020.

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In just two seasons in the dugout, Cora made an impact upon the franchise. He won a World Series in his first season at the helm, with the Red Sox posting a 108-54 record in 2018. While Boston slipped to 84-78 the following year, the Red Sox overcame numerous injuries and shaky pitching performances to finish above .500.

It also appears to be time that those punished due to AstroGate are given a second chance. AJ Hinch is expected to be on the Tigers’ list of managerial candidates for the upcoming season. It is entirely possible that Cora gets another chance as well.

This situation is even set up perfectly for Cora to return. The Red Sox achieved their goal of dropping below the luxury tax for the season, resetting their penalty. Boston already said that they would be active in free agency this offseason. Cora could return as the conquering hero to the cheers of Red Sox fans in 2021.

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The door is seemingly open for Alex Cora to return. It is just a matter of the Boston Red Sox making that happen.