MLB Free Agent Trevor Bauer hints at possible destinations on Twitter

Just days after being eliminated, soon-to-be MLB free agent Trevor Bauer took to Twitter to hint at his possible free-agent destination for the 2021 season.

The second round of the postseason hasn’t even started yet and Trevor Bauer is already stirring the free agency pot on Twitter.

On Sunday, he released a picture of his plane ticket, hinting that the Boston Red Sox are in the running for the top starter on the free-agent market this offseason.

And for the Red Sox, adding the likely National League Cy Young winner to the rotation makes perfect sense. Their 2020 starting rotation was as injured as it was ineffective. The team finished 28th in ERA at 5.58 and last in home runs allowed at 98.

Adding a pitcher of Bauer’s caliber, combined with the hopeful return of Chris Sale and Eduardo Rodriguez, could solve the starting rotation issues. They still have a lot of work to do with the bullpen of course, but finding effective relievers is a lot easier than finding a guy as dominant as Bauer.

The hitch is that Bauer is on record saying that he only wants to sign one-year contracts the rest of his career. And the Red Sox aren’t ready to compete in 2021.

It’s likely that the right deal could entice Bauer to sign for multiple years. But if he sticks firm to that, adding him to the 2021 Red Sox won’t be nearly enough to put them in contention. They’ll need to spend a lot more money to upgrade the offense and bullpen if they want to compete with the New York Yankees and Tampa Bay Rays next season.

But don’t worry Cincinnati Reds fans. Bauer made it clear that there’s a very real possibility that he doesn’t go anywhere in 2021.

So regardless of where Bauer suits up for the 2021 season, one thing is clear. The typical rumor mill that surrounds top free agents is going to start and stop with his own Twitter account.

Keep Trevor Bauer tweet notifications on this offseason because he’s sure to announce his decision personally rather than let the big name beat reporters scoop him.