MLB playoffs: Umpires should not be a story in championship series

For at least one round of the MLB playoffs, the umpires should not be a part of the storylines.

As the MLB playoffs continue on, the league adjusts their umpiring crews. In theory, these assignments are based on merit, with the best umpires being assigned to the postseason. However, based on some of the umpiring crews this year, that assessment seems questionable at best.

But at least for one round, Major League Baseball appears to have gotten their assignments correct. On Sunday, the umpires for the championship series were announced, and are more notable for who is not listed.

That’s right – no C.B. Bucknor this round. Joe West will not be making his presence felt and believing that the game is all about him. Angel Hernandez will be right where he belongs – nowhere near the diamond. A sigh of relief can be heard from the four teams left standing.

In reality, the umpires should not be the story. The postseason should be about two teams battling to advance, a time where legends can be made. It should be a time where the best teams, or the hottest teams, engage in a thrilling series to see who can move forward.

Instead, the umpires have been a story. From general incompetence to a need to insert themselves into the games, the quality of umpiring seems to have gotten worse as the years have gone on. One could even say that the umpires themselves are the greatest argument in favor of the electronic strike zone.

But that may not be the case this round. The umpires listed are fairly anonymous, which in this case, is a positive. It is never a good sign for anyone, either the league or the players involved, when the list of assigned umpires leads to a questioning of the league’s logic.

But for one round of the MLB playoffs, that may not be the case. The biggest story with the umpires should be who is not involved instead of what happens on the diamond.