New York Yankees: Giancarlo Stanton’s memorable postseason performance

Typically, dominant playoff performances are remembered when they bring victory. Giancarlo Stanton’s impressive run for the New York Yankees deserves recognition.

New York Yankees‘ history consists of numerous memorable postseason performances. Babe Ruth had his called shot. Don Larsen threw a perfect game. Reggie Jackson became ‘Mr. October’ with his rampage in the 1977 World Series. A generation later, Derek Jeter became ‘Mr. November.’ There are seemingly countless examples of dominant postseason performances for those wearing the pinstripes.

Giancarlo Stanton had that type of performance in the 2020 postseason. He collected eight hits in his 31 plate appearances, with a double and six homers. Stanton even set the Yankees franchise record by belting a homer in five consecutive playoff games.

That type of performance usually becomes legendary. Those home runs, and that type of impressive streak, are remembered for generations. For the Yankees, October heroics can make a player a ‘True Yankee,’ an honor that players like Alex Rodriguez were never able to earn.

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But that is the case when it comes to a winning postseason. In Stanton’s case, the Yankees once again fell short in the playoffs, having now gone 11 consecutive years without a return to the World Series.

In defeat, those impressive performances tend to be overlooked. Marty Barrett, for example, was announced as the 1986 World Series MVP before Mookie Wilson‘s ground ball led to the continuation of the Curse of the Bambino. Performances such as his get relegated to the dustbin of history; an interesting footnote, but nothing more.

Stanton deserves better. He has often been criticized due to his continued presence on the Injured List, his contract an albatross even for the Yankees. However, he has still performed when healthy and able to be a part of the lineup, which he proved during the 2020 postseason.

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Giancarlo Stanton had an impressive postseason performance for the New York Yankees. However, since they failed to win the World Series, it will eventually be forgotten.