New York Yankees: Aroldis Chapman somehow gets suspension reduced

New York Yankees closer Aroldis Chapman had his suspension for throwing at Mike Brosseau reduced to two games for some inexplicable reason.

Back on September 1, New York Yankees closer Aroldis Chapman attempted to send a message to the Tampa Bay Rays. Brought on to protect their lead, he uncorked a 101 MPH fastball near the head of Rays infielder Mike Brosseau. Warnings were issues, manager Kevin Cash was ejected, and the game continued.

After Chapman struck out Brosseau to end the game, the Rays infielder began exchanging words with someone in the Yankees dugout. Benches cleared, tempers flared, but nothing really happened – just like with most baseball “brawls.”

Chapman, however, did receive some punishment for his actions. He was handed a three game suspension for throwing at Brosseau. The Yankees closer naturally appealed the decision, and because of “scheduling conflicts,” his appeal was unable to be heard until after the season.

On Thursday, a decision was finally made regarding Chapman’s appeal. His suspension was reduced from three games to two, essentially giving him a bit of a break before the 2021 season begins. In reality, he basically loses nothing.

It also shows a ridiculous double standard. When Joe Kelly became America’s favorite reliever for throwing at and behind the Astros, then mocking Carlos Correa after striking him out. Kelly received eight games for his actions, later reduced to six on appeal.

A part of the explanation as to why Kelly received such a lengthy suspension was his previous history when it came to throwing at players. Chapman has a similar history, but that somehow did not matter. Not every pitch thrown near a batter’s head is created equal it would seem.

In the end, Brosseau and the Rays got the last laugh. He belted a home run against Chapman in the eighth inning of Game Five of the ALDS, that shot eliminating the Yankees from the postseason. His revenge was definitely sweet.

Aroldis Chapman will be suspended for the first two games of the 2021 season. The New York Yankees closer is lucky to receive such a light slap on the wrist.