San Diego Padres: Tommy Pham sues club for damages after stabbing

Tommy Pham was stabbed while attempting to leave a gentleman’s club on October 11, 2020. The San Diego Padres outfielder is now suing the establishment for damages.

Back in October, the San Diego Padres were the toast of the town. They had returned to the postseason, even advancing to the NLDS, before being eliminated by the eventual World Series champion Dodgers. Nonetheless, the future was bright in San Diego, with the hope that the Padres would be able to build a perennial contender.

But not everything was perfect. Padres’ outfielder Tommy Pham had been stabbed during an altercation when he was attempting to leave a gentleman’s club on October 11. He underwent surgery for his wounds, but vowed to be back to his offseason training routine soon.

At 11:33 AM on Tuesday, Pham took additional action. He has sued the Pacers Showgirls International gentlemen’s club due to that incident, requesting a jury trail on four charges. Pham is San Diego Pasuing on three different counts of negligence and battery.

According to the complaint, the fight had broken out in the parking lot, trapping Pham within the establishment. He was not allowed to leave as the fight continued to escalate, with more people joining on both sides. Security at the establishment did nothing to end the fight as time dragged on.

Eventually, Pham could no longer wait, and attempted to leave. He went to the valet service to have his car brought to him, where he was attacked without provocation. That attack led to his being stabbed in the back, which could potentially harm his future earning capacity and ability to play at his accustomed level.

Fortunately, Pham will be okay, and should be ready to go for spring training. However, there is a question of where he will be playing, as his production cratered last season. Pham also dealt with a broken hamate bone in his hand and had the start to his season delayed due to testing positive for COVID. The Padres could non-tender the outfielder, making him an intriguing option in free agency should that happen.

San Diego Padres outfielder Tommy Pham is suing the gentleman’s club that he was stabbed at. He certainly has a case against the establishment.