Colorado Rockies want Mets involved in Nolan Arenado trade talks

The Colorado Rockies are looking to trade star third baseman Nolan Arenado, and they want the New York Mets to get involved.

It has seemingly been inevitable that the Colorado Rockies and Nolan Arenado would part ways. The star third baseman had reportedly been put on the trade block last season, a move which angered Arenado and caused a rift between he and the front office. Understandably, trade rumors are again swirling around him this offseason.

This time, it appears that the Rockies are looking to make a deal. And it appears that they have a destination in mind – the New York Mets.

There are some potential pitfalls to any deal. First, Arenado has a full no trade clause that he would have to waive in order to head to New York, or anywhere else for that matter. Second, Arenado has an opt-out clause after this season, so any interested team would need a commitment that he would not depart.

This does not even take into account Arenado’s remaining salary. He is owed another $199 million over the next six years, a figure that the Rockies would love to get off the books. The problem is that there are few teams that can afford to take on that contract, hence the team’s desire to get the Mets involved.

Arenado is also coming off of his worst year since his rookie campaign. He posted a .253/.303/.434 batting line with eight homers and nine doubles in his 4558 plate appearances. However, his track record of excellent production, along with his eight consecutive Gold Glove awards at the hot corner are difficult to overlook.

The Mets have said that they are looking to make a splash. While they may be shying away from the trade market, they are a franchise that could afford Arenado, as well as the prospect cost to acquire him. And he would certainly be an upgrade to the roster.

It is not a surprise that the Colorado Rockies want the New York Mets involved in any Nolan Arenado trade talks. But can the Mets stomach the cost?