Los Angeles Dodgers: So much for the Nolan Arenado Christmas gift

Remember when Nolan Arenado was supposed to be a member of the Los Angeles Dodgers by Christmas? So much for that happening…

Back on November 20, former general manager Jim Bowden dropped a bombshell. Trade rumors had been circulating around Nolan Arenado for nearly a year, as he had become frustrated with the Rockies. With those rumors in mind, Bowden stated that not only did he expect Arenado to be traded, but that he would be a member of the Los Angeles Dodgers by Christmas.

It is a deal that would make sense in theory. The Dodgers have an opening at third due to Justin Turner‘s free agency. They have the finances to take on the remainder of Arenado’s contract. And, the Dodgers have the prospects that could make such a deal happen, with plenty of young arms and other high end talent that could entice Colorado.

But now, it is December 26. Arenado is still a member of the Rockies. The Dodgers still have that gaping hole at third base. That hoped for Christmas gift at the hot corner did not happen.

One can understand why. The Rockies would be loathe to trade their superstar to a divisional foe, especially the defending World Series champions. There has also been a lack of blockbuster moves this offseason, especially as teams look to determine how much they will be able to spend.

There are also questions around Arenado. He struggled through a career worst season in 2020, although that may be due to the unique nature of the shortened year. Arenado also has an opt-out clause that he can trigger after the 2021 campaign, with interested teams likely needing some assurance that he will not utilize that option.

It is possible that Arenado ends up in Los Angeles after all. The Rockies seem destined to break up with their franchise icon, sending him elsewhere given the fractured relationship. As they are in the midst of a rebuilding process, if the Dodgers have the best offer, a deal may end up working out.

However, it will not happen in time for Christmas. Nolan Arenado was not under the Los Angeles Dodgers’ tree this year.