Toronto Blue Jays making offers but not getting anywhere

The Toronto Blue Jays have been relatively quiet this offseason, but it is not by design. They are trying to upgrade their roster to no avail.

Do not blame the Toronto Blue Jays for the quiet MLB offseason. They have money to spend, and are seemingly in on every top free agent available. It has become a bit of a running joke around the game that almost any available player has been linked to either the Mets or the Blue Jays as both teams look to upgrade their roster.

The Blue Jays also have an exciting core. With young stars around their infield, and a solid crop of pitching prospects on the horizon, Toronto appears to be an up and coming franchise. Their postseason appearance last year may have just set the stage for what could be a return to success for the organization.

Given that intriguing core, the Blue Jays just need a few more pieces. They have certainly been attempting to bring those players in, as they have reportedly made offers to George Springer and Tomoyuki Sugano. The Blue Jays have also been linked to J.T. Realmuto, although there have not been any reports of an offer.

For all of those offers, and all of the Blue Jays attempts to upgrade their roster, little has happened. Robbie Ray returned on a one year deal, but that does not exactly move the needle. Richard Urena and Forrest Wall signed minor league contracts, but again, those moves are for depth at most.

Quite simply, the Blue Jays cannot find anyone to take their money at this point. Perhaps it is due to the top free agents waiting to see if anyone will come closer to their asking price. Or perhaps it is due to questions about where the Blue Jays will be playing in 2021 as there is no guarantee that games will be allowed in Toronto throughout the season.

This may change as the offseason wears on. Players will want to know where they are heading for spring training, and may be willing to meet teams halfway or negotiate. The COVID vaccine should continue to be distributed with more people receiving that dose. These concerns could be settled in a matter of weeks.

But until then, the Toronto Blue Jays are in a rough spot. They have the ability to spend and are making offers, but no one has been willing to take their money.