Cincinnati Reds: Lucas Sims gets point across too late

One could sense the frustration for the Cincinnati Reds on Tuesday night. The rain was pouring down in the top of the eighth inning, while Lucas Sims was attempting to keep the game tied at 4-4 with runners on second and third. He was able to get the first batter out, then hit Wyatt Mathisen with a pitch to load the bases. A walk to Carson Kelly forced in a run as the anger and frustration for the Reds continued to grow.

With the umpires refusing to halt the game despite the weather, Sims took matters into his own hands. He sent every ball given to him to the dugout until the umpires eventually postponed the contest.

Cincinnati Reds have every right to be irate

Once the game has begun, it is up to the umpiring crew to stop the contest due to the conditions. In theory, once player safety becomes an issue, the game should come to a halt. Attempting to play in the midst of a monsoon would count under such guidelines.

Instead, the umpiring crew seemed determined to force this game to continue. The grounds crew kept working on the mound as players were desperately trying to keep the water from dripping off the brims of their hats and helmets. Sims not only had to worry about trying to get a grip on the ball, but also had to be concerned that he would not slip during his delivery.

Eventually, he did the one thing he could do. No matter what ball he received, it was going out of play. The ball could have been directly from the package and rubbed with Lena Blackburne‘s mud in front of Sims, and it was still going out of play.

By the time the umpires postponed the game until Wednesday, it was too late. The Reds had given up the 4-3 lead they entered the top of the inning with. While the bullpen was unable to execute, it is not their fault they were unable to make their pitches that inning – they never should have been on the diamond in the first place.

Lucas Sims did the best he could for the Cincinnati Reds. At least he was finally able to get the umpires to postpone the game during the downpour.