Toronto Blue Jays: Roberto Alomar placed on MLB ineligible list

Major League Baseball has been gripped with a crisis regarding sexual misconduct amongst front offices and coaches. The Mets fired newly hired general manager Jared Porter due to his transgressions, while the Angels and MLB are still investigating pitching coach Mickey Callaway for his behavior. Toronto Blue Jays legend Roberto Alomar was also caught up in various allegations, some of which had been rumored for years.

On Friday, Major League Baseball and the Blue Jays moved to distance themselves as far as possible from Alomar. He has been placed on the ineligible list after a review of those allegations of sexual misconduct.

Toronto Blue Jays, MLB move to distance themselves from Roberto Alomar

Major League Baseball acted first. Based on the results of the investigation of an outside law firm, the league moved to terminate his contract as a consultant for MLB in Puerto Rico. Additionally, he has lost his spot on the league’s competition committee, and his placement on the ineligible list bars Alomar from holding any position in MLB or an affiliated minor league team. Alomar will, however, remain in the Hall of Fame.

The Blue Jays also took action. Alomar has not only been removed from their Level of Excellence, but his banner with his retired jersey is being removed as well. It is a surprising move, considering how firmly entrenched Alomar and the number 12 are in Blue Jays’ history, but it is a move that the team felt they needed to take.

Alomar, understandably, is upset with the decision. He released a statement that indicated that while he is disappointed, he understands why this decision was made. However, he also wants to respond to the allegations directly in the appropriate venue – ie, court. Otherwise, he will not speak about these allegations, or the fallout, further.

This is a day he had to see coming. Allegations around Alomar had begun in 2014, but nothing had come of them at the time. However, the climate around the game has changed since then. These allegations are being taken more seriously and are actually being investigated. It does not matter what one’s stature is – no one is safe.

That is the case with Alomar. Although he still plans on working in the game, specifically helping children reach their professional baseball aspirations, his time in the league is over. He is now alongside the likes of Pete Rose and Eddie Cicotte, one of the undesirables in the game. His legacy, once so bright, has been trashed.

Major League Baseball has placed Toronto Blue Jays legend Roberto Alomar on the ineligible list due to his sexual misconduct. His time in the league is permanently over.