Boston Red Sox: Jarren Duran may be closer than we realize

WORCESTER - Jarren Duran takes the field ahead of the WooSox game against Scranton on Tuesday, June 29, 2021.Spt Woosox 629 4
WORCESTER - Jarren Duran takes the field ahead of the WooSox game against Scranton on Tuesday, June 29, 2021.Spt Woosox 629 4 /

It is a matter of time before Jarren Duran reaches the majors. The Boston Red Sox prospect has dominated at Triple-A this season, and put together an impressive performance during the Olympic Qualifying Round during his time on Team USA.

However, the Red Sox continued to keep Duran in Worcester. That may have been due to the stipulation that players on the 40 man roster could not be part of the Team USA roster, and as Duran was such a key contributor, the expectation was that he would be part of the squad heading to Tokyo. Yet, when the rosters were released on Friday, Duran was not listed.

Jarren Duran may be closer to major league debut than realized

It turns out that the Red Sox were a part of why Duran was not included on the team heading to the Olympics. According to reports, they wanted to have the ability to him up if they so desired. Given the potential issues with replacing Duran on the roster if that happened, he could not be included.

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The fact that the Red Sox wanted this caveat would seemingly be a positive sign that Duran will make his debut sooner rather than later. As the Olympics will begin on July 23, the team feels that he could be a part of the major league roster within the month. There is certainly a need, especially as Enrique Hernandez is more valuable as a utility man than as the primary center fielder.

While the Red Sox continue to say that Duran has areas to work on, it is difficult to see where that would be. He has produced a solid .278/.372/.599 batting line in his 188 plate appearances, hitting 15 homers and seven doubles while stealing ten bases. His defense in the outfield has improved as well, as he is getting better at tracking fly balls and taking routes.

Chances are, Duran will be in the majors once the Red Sox organization is comfortable with his defense. Given the timing of when the Olympics will be taking place, and the stipulation that the team wanted with his selection, it may not be much longer.

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Jarren Duran is not part of the Team USA roster heading to Tokyo. Chances are, that is because his Boston Red Sox debut is closer than we realize.