Jarren Duran finally getting his opportunity with Boston Red Sox

Jarren Duran showed exemplary defensive skills while playing center field at Polar Park.WOOSOX 3
Jarren Duran showed exemplary defensive skills while playing center field at Polar Park.WOOSOX 3 /

It has been a matter of time until Jarren Duran was called up to the majors. The Boston Red Sox have had a need for outfielders, particularly in left field, for much of the season. While Duran has been playing well in Triple-A, the Red Sox wanted him to work on aspects of his game, particularly defensively, before he made his major league debut.

That time is now. Duran was held out of the lineup in Worcester today, and is reportedly set to join the Red Sox as the second half kicks off.

Jarren Duran could change Boston Red Sox trade deadline plans

The Red Sox made it clear that this day would be coming soon. Duran had been left off the Olympic roster because Boston had asked for the ability to bring him back should they need to call him up to the majors during that time frame. Considering the timing of the request, it was just a matter of days until he would make his debut.

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No one can argue that he does not deserve the opportunity. Duran had been hitting well in Triple-A, posting a .270/.365/.561 batting line in his 219 plate appearances, hitting 15 homers and eight doubles while stealing 12 bases. He has the potential to be an excellent catalyst atop the lineup, adding another element to the Red Sox already dangerous batting order.

If anything, the only question is why it did not come sooner. Duran had a strong showing in spring training, and with Franchy Cordero‘s struggles throughout the year, the clock was ticking. His impressive performance during the Olympic qualifiers only accelerated that timeline.

Duran can also play a major part in the Red Sox plans for the trade deadline. If he shows that he can handle major league pitching and is performing well defensively in the outfield, that allows Boston to focus on other areas of need. Outfield depth, or even a starting outfielder, would no longer be as much of a potential issue with Duran in the fold.

He essentially has two weeks to show what he can do. While that is not a lot of time, it may be enough to show the Red Sox what they have. Even if they do make a move for an outfielder, if Duran can perform well enough, he could just cement himself as a key part of their future.

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Jarren Duran is set to make his major league debut for the Boston Red Sox. It has been a moment that the team has been waiting for since spring training.