Trevor Bauer has thrown his last pitch with Los Angeles Dodgers

Trevor Bauer has become an embarrassment for the Los Angeles Dodgers. He had been their prized free agent signing, another ace for the rotation that already had a tremendous amount of talent. However, he was accused of domestic assault, allegations that he denied and said were just a matter of rough sex. Bauer was placed on administrative leave, with his status in question going forward.

On Wednesday, it was announced that his leave would be extended for another two weeks. He would not be eligible to return again until July 27, four days after his court hearing is scheduled.

Los Angeles Dodgers are done with Trevor Bauer

It is clear that the Dodgers are ready to move on from Bauer. They had canceled his bobblehead day, which had been scheduled for just after the allegations were announced. His merchandise has been removed from the team stores. Other players and leaders in the locker room were swift to unfollow him on social media.

Even if Bauer does not face criminal charges, that does not mean that he will escape punishment from the league. Should their investigation show wrongdoing, he faces what could be a lengthy suspension, especially in light of the description of the injuries suffered by the woman in question.

It is also probable that he has thrown his last pitch with the Dodgers. Bauer is going to make $6 million during the four weeks he will be on leave, a ridiculous amount of money to sit around and do nothing. As impressive as he had been on the mound, the Dodgers do not have any desire to waste that type of money or deal with the distraction that his return will cause.

Dodgers’ ownership does have the money to be able to just release Bauer once everything is done. While they would still be on the hook for his salary in 2022, they would get rid of a distraction and someone that the other players clearly do not want around. It is the end move in their task to distance themselves from him entirely.

Trevor Bauer’s leave has been extended once again. Given how the Los Angeles Dodgers have distanced themselves, he has likely thrown his last pitch with the team.