Washington Nationals game suspended due to shooting

When one hears that a game has been suspended, weather immediately comes to mind. With the rains that have been hitting the midwest and east coast over the past few days, that would be a likely factor in why the Washington Nationals game against the San Diego Padres was suspended heading into the bottom of the sixth inning.

Instead, the game was suspended for a far more frightening reason. A shooting had occurred outside the ballpark near the third base gate, prompting an eventual evacuation of the ballpark.

Washington Nationals game against San Diego Padres suspended due to shooting

While the situation was ongoing, and before it was determined that it was safe for fans to depart via the outfield gates, people at Nationals Park were looking for any possible safe space, heading to the concourse, bathrooms, and suites. This included Washington pitcher Patrick Corbin, who was filmed on the concourse in his uniform.

At this point, details are still coming in. All that is known is that four people were shot in the incident and that the investigation is still ongoing. DC’s Metropolitan Police Department has stated that there is not an ongoing threat for further violence in the area.

It is another tragic moment in a continual battle against gun violence. Given the mass shootings in virtually any environment, it is difficult to think of any place as being a safe haven these days. Any place where crowds gather can be a target, even the ballpark. While this shooting occurred outside the stadium, it had been initially thought that the shooter was in the ballpark from the sound of the gunshots.

As for the game itself, the rest of the contest will continue on Sunday afternoon. Those who have tickets to the regularly scheduled game will be allowed in the park for the remainder of Saturday’s contest, in which the Padres hold an 8-4 lead.

The Washington Nationals game against the San Diego Padres was suspended on Saturday due to a shooting. Hopefully, those impacted will be okay.