Philadelphia Phillies targeting Chicago Cubs for bullpen help

The Philadelphia Phillies have been on a quixotic quest for bullpen help over the past few years. Through constant trades and free agent signings, the Phillies have done everything possible to remake their relief corps. And every year, their bullpen is a disappointment, leaving them to start over once again.

As the Phillies are somehow still in a position to contend for the NL East, they are once again focused on fixing their broken bullpen. This time, they are targeting the Chicago Cubs, whose decision to sell has resulted in multiple bullpen pieces becoming available.

Philadelphia Phillies hope 857th time is the charm

It should not be a surprise that the Phillies are interested in those relievers. Craig Kimbrel would be atop the wish list of virtually any team in the playoff hunt that is looking to upgrade their bullpen. Andrew Chafin and Ryan Tepera may not be nearly as well known, but they would also be a significant upgrade to a bullpen looking for middle relief help.

Naturally, any of that trio would upgrade the Phillies’ bullpen. Kimbrel would finally solidify the ninth inning, where Hector Neris has continually bounced in and out of the closer role. Chafin and Tepera may not be in the mix as potential closers, but they could help bridge the gap to the ninth inning, which has been troublesome in its own right.

Of course, the same had been said of the Phillies’ moves in the past. Their constant moves to upgrade those relievers had looked good on paper, only to burn during the season. That inability to find viable answers in the bullpen has led to a great deal of disappointment over the past few seasons.

It appears as though the same script is being followed once more. The Phillies will go out and make their moves, all of which will seem as though they were an improvement. And maybe this time, those moves will pan out instead of continuing to be the definition of insanity.

The Philadelphia Phillies are targeting several pitchers in the Chicago Cubs bullpen. Once again, they are trying to fix a disastrous relief corps.