MLB Trade Deadline: 20 wackiest trade stories in league history

MLB History (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)
MLB History (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /
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Babe Ruth
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Wackiest MLB trade stories in league history: 9. Red Sox made a huge mistake

The argument can easily be made that Babe Ruth is the greatest player the game of baseball has ever seen. The numbers simply speak for themselves.

Not only was Ruth a major contributor of seven World Series titles but he was also a two-time AL MVP, two-time All-Star, a batting champion in 1924, and the ERA leader in 1916. In addition to that, he also has the third-most home runs in league history with 714, the second-most RBIs and he has the best slugging percentage in MLB history with .690.

To acquire a player of his stature, it would seemingly be impossible, or, it would take a king’s ransom. However, that simply wasn’t the case. Although Ruth had already contributed to three World Series wins, the Boston Red Sox allowed him to walk out the door to the New York Yankees for $125,000.

Now, what exactly did the Sox end up using the money on? Well, the ball club used the finances on the play, My Lady Friends. Ruth, of course, would go on to help the Yankees win four World Series. My Lady Friends, on the other hand, wasn’t that good.