Mets: Club culture around accountability needs to happen in 2022

Mets (Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images)
Mets (Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images) /

As the Mets try to salvage what’s left of the regular season, it’s yet another year of watching what was a bright season once again spiraling out of control. It seems like yesterday that the Mets were doing all the right things, winning baseball games, and playing cohesively as a team. Sure, it wasn’t pretty all the time but they had many positive moments throughout the season.

Now the Mets are once again in familiar territory. September is right around the corner and the Mets are once again on the outside looking in. From bad pitching, dumb mistakes, and a severe lack of hitting, it’s not hard at all to see why this team is currently in the middle of the NL East and likely to stay there as the season starts coming to an end.

In the grand scheme of things, it’s truly a shame. With a brand new owner, second-year manager, and a red-hot start at the beginning of the season, the Mets looked like they were building something special in 2021. You know, a professional baseball team that can keep up with the best of them, win games they should win against inferior teams, and above all else, show some accountability on a daily basis. Win or lose, everyone does and says whatever it takes to keep everyone on the same page.

The Mets need a serious culture overhaul of handling accountability

Accountability is what separates the pretenders from the contenders. Accountability is what turns mediocre teams into above-average teams because teammates keep everyone in check. Accountability is what this year’s Mets team is severely lacking when it comes to their biggest area of opportunity, hitting.

Needless to say, the Mets have for many years now always been incredible with some of their pitching superstars. Hitting, however, puts them all the way at the end of the talent spectrum. From players not living up to their expectations to players not getting out of long-hitting slumps, the Mets are in need of a serious culture overhaul of handling accountability once the offseason is finally here.

Even Mets owner Steve Cohen hit the nail right on the head with his viral tweet:

Cohen is absolutely right and hopefully, this is the start of what should be the blueprint to fix the Mets over these next few years. Of course, it shouldn’t have been expected that the Mets would immediately become a Worlds Series contender in 2021 but we all at least expected a competitive team. One that doesn’t fizzle out when it matters most during these last few crucial months in the regular season.

Accountability is huge when it comes to having a disciplined approach all across the board, just like Cohen is saying. Whether it’s pitching, hitting, defense, or managing, having a strong system of accountability is what creates championship teams. Ones that don’t look clueless after tough losses or blowouts with nothing but excuses to the baseball world.

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Hopefully, some serious changes will hit the Mets this offseason when it comes to accountability and discipline. Not just with players but with their coaches, their leadership, and bring in the right people that can create a better club culture around these key areas of accountability. No matter what transpires next offseason, one thing is for sure. Cohen and the rest of the passionate Mets fanbase have seen enough over the past few months and the city that never sleeps deserve much better than this.