Philadelphia Phillies make needed moves in front office

The Philadelphia Phillies have continued to disappoint. Despite numerous changes in the offseason, the same problems have plagued the team – prospects have not developed as hoped and the major league roster has underperformed. Something, somewhere, needs to change.

Those first steps came down on Tuesday. The Phillies began to restructure their baseball operations department, reassigning two members and offering their Director of Player Development a scouting position within the franchise.

Philadelphia Phillies finally making changes

Changes were needed. The Phillies have been completely unable to put together a viable bullpen over the past few years, and the rotation has been a collection of misfits after Aaron Nola and Zack Wheeler. Likewise, the lineup, despite the money spent in free agency, has not lived up to expectations.

Those struggles have also continued in regards to developing players. While Nola has become a solid pitcher, the Phillies track record in the draft over the past decade is utterly abysmal. Rhys Hoskins has easily been the best of their picks in terms of position players, with others finding success once they left the organization. Alec Bohm, who appeared to be in a position to become a cornerstone at the hot corner, regressed to the point where he was sent back to Triple-A.

This is not a situation that will have an easy fix. Reassigning those members of the front office will give a different perspective, but that may not be enough. A different approach may need to be taken throughout the minor leagues, with a chance in philosophy required for those prospects to live up to their potential.

It is also likely that those moves will not be the last. President of Baseball Operations Dave Dombrowski was brought in to make the Phillies a winning franchise sooner rather than later. He will likely continue to reassign, or outright remove, those who he feels are responsible for their struggles over the past few years.

The Philadelphia Phillies have finally made some needed moves. Those changes are likely not going to be the last ones.