New York Mets need to worry about themselves instead of fans

The New York Mets celebrations on Sunday raised some eyebrows. They were giving each other the thumb’s down sign, a symbol that had become a meme due to a disgruntled Mets fan several years ago. However, the Mets have been hearing their fan’s frustrations in a more typical fashion – being booed mercilessly.

It is something that the Mets have taken notice of. According to Javier Baez, the thumb’s down celebration is their way of booing the fans for booing them.

New York Mets need to put focus on the diamond

Maybe that celebration worked. Maybe the Mets were able to take out some of their frustrations on the fanbase on Sunday in their 9-4 victory, winning the series against the Nationals. As they desperately need any type of a spark, it is possible that their concept of booing Mets fans for booing them has lit the fuse.

But this is the wrong way to go about such things, especially now that the reasoning behind the celebration has been made public. The Mets have been in a free fall, dropping from the NL East lead to third in the division. Their fanbase has every right to let the players know what they think of their performance over the past few weeks.

Over the years, there have been players who simply could not handle the pressure of being in New York. While they had thrived in other areas, the magnifying glass that comes with being in one of the biggest media markets in the world has been too much for them. However, that is usually the case for players on the Yankees, not the Mets.

This season is different. Ownership has stated that they expect the team to be a championship contender, that the time of excuses and the “Same ‘Ol Mets” mentality is over. Those expectations, and that demand to win, are unlike what the Mets have had over the years. Frankly, it should come with the territory of being a large market team with an owner who is willing to open the vaults.

And those expectations come from the fans as well. They have heard the rhetoric from ownership, and watched as the front office went out and brought in the pieces they felt necessary to reach the postseason. As those players do not perform, those frustrations will be vented.If the players were to focus on the diamond, instead of the reaction from the fans, they may get those cheers they long to hear.

The New York Mets new celebration is a way to boo their fans. Maybe they should direct their focus to the diamond instead.