Atlanta Braves outfielder Marcell Ozuna has leave extended

Marcell Ozuna is starting to have some clarity as to his future. The Atlanta Braves outfielder entered a plea agreement in his domestic violence case, the terms of which could lead to the charges against him being terminated in six months. As far as the legal aspect of his case goes, he could end up being in the clear before the 2022 season begins.

However, he still has to deal with Major League Baseball’s investigation into his actions. With that in mind, his leave has been extended once again, this time to September 24, as the investigation continues.

Atlanta Braves outfielder Marcell Ozuna has leave extended once again

The Braves have already moved on from Ozuna in regards to the 2021 season. He had not played since May 25 when he landed on the Injured List after he fractured two of his fingers. His arrest for domestic violence came shortly thereafter as he was not placed on administrative leave until his stint on the IL was over.

It is interesting to note that Ozuna’s leave could theoretically end before the season does. That was not the case with Trevor Bauer, another high profile case that the league is investigating. His leave was extended throughout the rest of the regular season, as well as the entire postseason, as they do not anticipate that his investigation will be wrapped up by that point in time.

Ozuna, meanwhile, could theoretically be reinstated on the 24th. Even if his leave is extended once again, he could become eligible to be activated for the postseason. Chances are, Ozuna will be suspended for a period of time, but a portion of that suspension could end up being served this year.

As it is, this has been a forgettable year for the Braves’ outfielder. He had signed a four year, $65 million deal to remain in Atlanta, only to struggle before his injury. Ozuna had posted a career worst 69 OPS+ in his 208 plate appearances, hitting seven homers and six doubles.

Meanwhile, the Braves clearly are not expecting him to return. They had remade their outfield at the trade deadline, adding Joc Pederson, Adam Duvall, and Eddie Rosario to the roster. While none of those players has the same upside that Ozuna possesses, they are at least able to be counted on.

Marcell Ozuna had his administrative leave extended once more. As far as the Atlanta Braves are concerned, his absence is to be expected.