Houston Astros: Yimi Garcia needs left off postseason roster

With the most recent victory in the books, the Houston Astros have moved to within one game of clinching the division title. Wrapping up a playoff spot before the final series allows the Astros to set their pitching rotation and plan their postseason roster. Time to figure out what to do with relief pitcher, Yimi Garcia.

While most of the talk has revolved around whether Zack Greinke is worthy of a starting spot in the rotation come playoff time, some focus should be on leaving Garcia off the roster altogether.

A beleaguered bullpen for the majority of the season has left the Astros with a weakness heading into October baseball. With the stakes even higher, manager Dusty Baker needs every roster spot to be a productive piece of the puzzle. That does not include Garcia. Baker does not trust him, and Garcia has effectively pitched himself off the postseason roster. Time for the Astros to follow suit, and not include him when the American League Divisional Series begins.

The Astros need to think twice about including Yimi Garcia on the postseason roster.

Acquired from the Miami Marlins at the trade deadline, Garcia was supposed to slide right into high leverage situations and help solidify a bullpen which was struggling up to that point.

As the closer in Miami, Garcia’s numbers weren’t stellar (8.7 K/9, 4.18 FIP), though he did notch 15 saves and have a 1.21 WHIP. He had experience, high leverage experience, and postseason pitching experience, so the idea of him moving into an eighth inning role looked great for the Astros.

Garcia hasn’t been awful in all his outings, though he has been too inconsistent. When he does give up a run, he usually gives up multiple runs. In five of the past six games he’s given up a run, he’s given up two or more.

The fact Garcia is now the first guy out of the bullpen when the Astros are losing, proves Baker doesn’t plan on using him in crucial moments of games moving forward. Why waste a roster spot on someone who isn’t trusted?

When postseason rosters come out, Garcia’s name shouldn’t be among them.