Seattle Mariners should be major factor during free agency

The Seattle Mariners were one of baseball’s biggest surprises in 2021. Their retooling process found success ahead of schedule, as they won 90 games and finished two games short of the Wild Card. With several top prospects on the cusp of reaching the majors, the Mariners’ future is bright indeed.

Ownership clearly feels the same way. They are set to increase payroll, giving general manager Jerry Dipoto the resources needed to let the organization take that next step forward.

Seattle Mariners getting ready to make noise in free agency

Despite winning 90 games, the Mariners do have some holes on the roster. They could stand to upgrade at second and third base, add to the bench, and bring in a top of the rotation arm. It is certainly a substantial shopping list.

But Dipoto may have plenty of money to work with. There are already rumblings that the Mariners will target Marcus Semien this offseason, adding a power bat at second base. It would not be a surprise to see Seattle invest at the top of the free agent class, especially when it comes to pitching.

This is the perfect time for the Mariners to make such a push forward. The A’s find themselves at a crossroads as a franchise; a competitive team with a strong core, but limited payroll to either supplement or keep the core together. The Astros may be in the World Series, but they have several impending free agents that could make a drastic impact upon their future.

The Mariners still need to find the right fits. They had been close before, only to spend their money on Adrian Beltre and Chone Figgins, two imperfect fits for the roster. While Dipoto was not in charge back then, it underscores the importance of finding the right players and not just focusing on the bigger names available. Ownership certainly feels that Dipoto will be able to find those players and is ready to give him the resources needed.

The Seattle Mariners were one of the biggest surprises in baseball in 2021. With ownership ready to increase payroll, they may be ready to take that next step.