Kansas City Royals tease uniform change on social media

Change is in the air for the Kansas City Royals, and Royals fans won’t have to wait long to see exactly what that change might be.

The Kansas City Royals teased a uniform change on social media

Kansas City Royals fans have hoped for years that the team may once again incorporate more of the powder blue look from when the trend first began in the 1970s and peaked in the early 1980s when more than 40 percent of the teams had some kind of powder blue uniform in their arsenal.

However, the trend came crashing down a decade later … with the Royals as one of the lone holdover teams to have powder blue as part of their jersey assortment in 1991.

Could that trend be coming back however? We saw the St. Louis Cardinals and Texas Rangers bring back their powder blue/baby blue uniform combinations in recent seasons. Perhaps that push opens the door for Kansas City to join the comeback list? And that could that push be an all-powder blue look? Is that what this social media tease from the Royals was all about on Wednesday?

Yes, that’s a silhouette of Whit Merrifield and it’s a picture that is generating plenty of excitement among Royals fans.

Luckily, Royals fans and the rest of us won’t have to wait long to see exactly what the “new threads” might be, but there are plenty who are buzzing about the possibility of the reign of powder blue coming back in the Midwest.

It’s not that Kansas City has been completely without the powder blue uniforms in recent seasons, going with the color on top in road games and certain throwback jerseys. But there is the next step that could be taken by incorporating matching powder blue pants as part of the ensemble as well.

So what will Kansas City’s new threads look like? We’re waiting to see on Friday and we’ll update this article below with the new look when it goes live.

UPDATE: Well, there is some powder blue in there.