New York Mets need to change perception around Major League Baseball

The New York Mets would appear to be a destination franchise in free agency. They have an owner who is not only looking to win a championship but is willing to spend whatever it takes to get there. New York is a major media market and a place where stars could get plenty of marketing opportunities.

But the Mets have become a team that other players have begun to avoid. They may be willing to negotiate with the organization, but that seems to be a ploy to get better offers from other teams. Owner Steve Cohen may be extremely Twitter friendly and willing to speak his mind regarding the franchise, but that may also be pushing players away.

New York Mets need to change perception to attract free agents

Add in the continued nightmare scenario that is the Mets’ front office, and it is understandable that players would look elsewhere. Noah Syndergaard may have summed up the thoughts of other players quite succinctly when he said that he did not want to deal with that level of instability. It is why Steven Matz decided not to let the Mets match the offer he received from the Cardinals and is signing in St. Louis instead of heading back to New York.

That instability has been a hallmark of Cohen’s regime. It is ironic in that he vowed that these would not be the “same old Mets” under his ownership. Thus far, they are not – they are far more of a circus and a risk.

And that is why players and executives are not heading there. Yes, it would be an attractive location if all things were equal. But they are not. The Mets are viewed upon as a place where there is little upside and a great deal of potential disappointment. Joining the organization may well be a death sentence to one’s career.

This is something that the Mets need to change. Cohen was aware of the Mets’ reputation when he purchased the team, something that he was hoping to change. Instead, the Mets have come to personify turmoil, leading to others running away from the organization.

Maybe that will be different next offseason. If the Mets can get through a season without a weekly dose of insanity or ridiculousness in the dugout or front office, it would make a difference. It will take time, but the Mets have to change their perception if anyone is to sign there.

The New York Mets have a problem with how the organization is perceived. Unless that changes, they will not be a destination anyone heads to by choice.