Miami Marlins taking aim at Ketel Marte

The Miami Marlins are determined to upgrade their outfield. They had been rebuffed in their attempts to re-sign Starling Marte as their search for a center fielder continued. While they did sign Avisail Garcia, and could plug him in center if needed, the Marlins are looking for other options.

That quest has led them to a familiar trading partner. The Marlins have reportedly reached out to the Diamondbacks about Ketel Marte, hoping to bring him in as their answer in center field.

Miami Marlins pursuing Ketel Marte

At this point, there is no indication that a deal was close to fruition before the lockout. Marte, should he be available, would certainly have a great deal of interest on the trade block, especially as the centerfield market in free agency is close to barren.

However, it would take quite a bit to pry Marte from Arizona. He is due just $8 million in 2022, and has two team options worth a combined $22 million. At just 28 years old, and having posted a 139 OPS+ with 48 homers and 79 doubles in 1197 plate appearances since the start of the 2019 season, he would require an impressive package of prospects.

The Marlins may have the players that could entice the Diamondbacks to make a trade. Arizona could use some more arms, which the Marlins have plenty of. Likewise, Miami has focused on building up their farm system, potentially giving them the types of prospects that Arizona could want.

The two sides have dealt with each other recently. Starling Marte had come over from the Diamondbacks previously, and they had made the rare prospect trade by swapping Zac Gallen for Jazz Chisholm. Another deal could be in the cards.

The Miami Marlins are looking for a centerfielder. Their quest could lead them to an old trading partner in the Diamondbacks and Ketel Marte.