Curt Schilling refusing Boston Red Sox cap if induced into MLB Hall of Fame

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RHP Curt Schilling (1988-2007)Xxx World Series Game 2 1078 Jpg S Bbo Ma /

When last Curt Schilling spoke about the MLB Hall of Fame, he was demanding to be taken off of the ballot. The former Boston Red Sox legend threw a tantrum about not being inducted last year, claiming that he was being persecuted because of his political beliefs. The Hall essentially ignored him and put him on the ballot for his tenth and final year anyway.

Now Schilling is back with thoughts about the Hall. He is now saying that, if he is inducted, he will not represent the Red Sox, claiming that he was mistreated by the organization and has an issue with John Henry and the ownership group.

Curt Schilling will not need to worry about wearing Boston Red Sox cap in Cooperstown

This is not something that Schilling will need to be concerned about. His history of homophobic, transphobic, racist, and otherwise inflammatory statements had stifled his candidacy anyway. He has supported the lynching of journalists in the past, defrauded the State of Rhode Island for $75 million, and has gone out of his way to antagonize as many people as possible.

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While Schilling has had his support in the past, that is dwindling in his final year. His demands to be taken off the ballot and for the writers not to vote for him are being taken at face value as he has already lost 13 votes in this cycle, with only Omar Vizquel receiving a more drastic falloff. He currently has the fifth highest vote total, another impressive drop after he was the leading vote getter last year.

Naturally, his failure to be inducted this season will be everyone else’s fault. Schilling has made a career of avoiding responsibility for his actions and words, blaming everyone else but himself for the repercussions.

Maybe, just maybe, Schilling should take a deep look within instead of being concerned about which hat he will have on his plaque. Maybe, after a period of introspection, he will realize that his actions have done more harm to his chances than anything else. But that just seems to be something else that Schilling is incapable of.

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Curt Schilling says he will not wear a Boston Red Sox hat if he is inducted into the MLB Hall of Fame. That is not something he should worry about.