Colorado Rockies favorites to sign Dyan Jorge

The Colorado Rockies have not had many victories in recent years, either on the diamond or in terms of personnel. While the front office is still filled with people that have been with the organization in the past, there is hope that maybe this time, they will make the right moves.

One of those is set to happen when the new international signing period begins. The Rockies are considered to be the favorites to sign Cuban shortstop Dyan Jorge as he will receive a reported $2.8 million.

Colorado Rockies to sign Cuban prospect Dyan Jorge

There have not been many Cuban shortstops in recent years. Since Bert Campaneris retired after the 1983 season, only nine Cubans have spent at least half of their career at the position. As such, it is not a surprise that Jorge has been compared to Alexei Ramirez, one of the more successful players from that group.

Jorge is an intriguing player based on his build alone. While he is a bit older for an international prospect, he stands at 6’2″ tall while weighing 165 pounds. As his frame fills out in the coming years, he should be able to add a bit of pop to his production.

Currently, Jorge is more of a line drive hitter. He has a compact swing and may eventually reach double digits in homers as he adds strength, but he does hit the ball hard when he makes contact. Jorge will likely need time to develop at the plate, especially as he faces higher velocities and works on his plate discipline.

It is no surprise that he is currently viewed as a defense first prospect. He has an excellent glove and a strong arm, making somewhat difficult plays seem easy. Jorge is not someone whose tools are going to jump out, but the overall package is one of a solid player who should eventually contribute in every aspect at the major league level.

The Colorado Rockies are set to make a splash in international free agency. They are reportedly set to sign Cuban prospect Dyan Jorge.