So much for the Colorado Rockies learning their lesson

It seemed as though the Colorado Rockies had learned their lesson from last year. They infamously refused to trade anyone at the deadline despite Trevor Story practically having a U-Haul waiting as he wanted out in the worst possible way. But this time, the Rockies were reportedly ready to deal.

Until they were not. Danielle Allentuck of the Denver Gazette asked if the Rockies were going to be big sellers, general manager Bill Schmidt responded with one word – “no.”

Colorado Rockies may not have learned their lesson after all

To be fair, the Rockies do not have much to offer. Their plans for the deadline involved shopping Chad Kuhl and Alex Colome, two players that really do not move the needle much in terms of fan excitement. Their other impending free agents – Daniel Bard, Jose Iglesias, and Carlos Estevez – are not likely to bring a major return either.

But it is a matter of looking ahead to the future. While the Rockies want to extend Bard, it is difficult to see where the other pieces would fit into their plans moving forward. Even if the Rockies get a player regarded as minor league filler for them, there is the chance that player could develop into something more.

Forethought has not been a stable of the Rockies’ approach over the years. This is the franchise that not only held everyone last year at the deadline, but literally shoved Nolan Arenado out of town just after handing him an extension.

Maybe Schmidt is just being honest about the caliber of players that will be available. Or maybe he realizes that he does not have much of a market for these pieces. Or, maybe, the Rockies have not learned their lesson after all.

There was hope that the Colorado Rockies would do something at the trade deadline this year. Those hopes may have been fleeting after all.