Texas Rangers prospect Jesus Mosquera a walk on the wild side

It is easy to discount statistics in the lower minors, especially in the Complex Leagues. Players are going to struggle as they acclimate to professional life. Others are just going to hit the ground running. Then there are special cases, such as Texas Rangers prospect Jesus Mosquera.

Sometimes, those problems come from trying to do too much to impress a team. Pitchers lose command as they overthrow, trying to add velocity at the cost of their ability to throw strikes. The Rangers are hoping that is the case with Mosquera.

Texas Rangers prospect Jesus Mosquera puts wild in wild card

Mosquera’s pitching line thus far in his career appears to be a series of typos. He has allowed 25 runs, 22 earned, on nine hits and 24 walks in 4.1 innings. While he has struck out five batters, he has also hit four batters, balked twice, and uncorked 20 wild pitches. In that time, he has retired 13 of the 50 batters he faced.

His wild pitch count is particularly impressive. Mosquera has faced just 35 batters with a runner on base, a prerequisite for a wild pitch. Clearly, having someone on is not a guarantee that he will be able to throw the ball in the same postal code as home plate.

It is also a situation that appears to be feeding on itself. As the wildness piles up, Mosquera has been digging a deeper hole as he tries to battle through. He has recorded just one out in his last three appearances, allowing ten runs on four hits and ten walks with seven wild pitches. At this point, he is making Steve Blass and Daniel Bard look like Greg Maddux.

At the same time, it is clear that there is something wrong. Mosquera does not need to be on a mound right now; he needs to be working with someone to overcome the mental block that is keeping him from throwing strikes. The Rangers saw enough to sign him to a contract, so hopefully they will be willing to spend the resources needed to get him back into the right mental space instead of letting him go.

Texas Rangers prospect Jesus Mosquera has seen his command completely desert him. Hopefully, he can get himself back on track.