5 more teams that should target Carlos Correa this offseason

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Jon Heyman of The New York Post reported earlier this week that Minnesota Twins Carlos Correa is likely to opt out of his contract this offseason. Correa signed a three-year deal with Minnesota this offseason with an opt-out clause that he could exercise after both the first and second seasons.

It’s easy to see why he will opt out since he is having a good season. Our colleague, Tim Boyle of our parent company FanSided, had an article on five teams that could target Correa this offseason and today, we’ve got five more teams that could target him so if you think we’re missing a team over here, be sure to check that one out too.

Here are five more teams that should target Carlos Correa this offseason.

5 more teams that could sign Carlos Correa

1) The Atlanta Braves

Carlos Correa is likely going to want to sign with a playoff contending team and there’s no better team for that than the Atlanta Braves.

At first, you might think that they may not be a fit. After all, they do have a great shortstop in Dansby Swanson. He’s actually been better than Correa on the season both offensively and defensively. The Braves could decide to go with Correa instead.

After all, the Braves moved on from Freddie Freeman and replaced him with Matt Olson so they could look to do it again. Correa is actually younger than Swanson as well (by about seven months) but based on their seasons this year, Swanson may get more on the free agent market.

Braves fans might not be happy about it but if they don’t re-sign Swanson, Correa would be a good replacement.

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