Chicago White Sox have to fire Tony La Russa after latest idiocy

Water is wet. The sky is blue. Chicago White Sox manager Tony La Russa is an abject disaster.

Once again, La Russa failed to pay any attention during a game. This time, it may have cost them starting pitcher Michael Kopech, who left the game after facing four batters and failing to record an out.

Tony La Russa proves once again why he should not be on Chicago White sox bench

It was obvious that Kopech was not right before the game even started. He threw just nine of his 19 pitches for strikes, allowing a hit, walking two, and hitting a batter before the trainer finally came out to the mound. That final batter, Vinnie Pasquantino, walked on four consecutive balls.

But that would involve actually noticing what is going on. This is something that is clearly beyond La Russa’s capability, as he is too busy dozing off during the game or trying to figure out which opposing hitter to give an intentional walk to on a 1-2 count.

There was a time when La Russa was a great managerial mind. His time with the A’s and Cardinals, and even his first stint with the White Sox, were impressive. He did not reach six World Series, winning three, while recording 2883 wins and becoming a Hall of Fame manager, by accident.

But La Russa is also 77 years old and had spent a decade away from the bench before returning to the White Sox. There were questions as to whether or not the game had passed him by. With each passing game, it becomes all the more apparent that he cannot handle being a manager any longer.

This time, his gaffe could have serious repercussions outside of the White Sox won-loss record. Kopech is not only a key part of their rotation this year, but is also one of their building blocks for the future. If he is seriously injured, and La Russa let him pitch anyway, that should be the final straw.

Tony La Russa has been a disaster for the Chicago White Sox. Now that his inability to pay attention has led to an injury, it is time to fire him.