Buck Showalter preserves important piece of New York Mets history

Buck Showalter made certain that New York Mets history would be preserved on Wednesday.

The Mets had come into the day within striking distance of the modern record for the most times being hit by a pitch. Mark Canha was plunked twice during their contest against the Brewers, leaving the Mets tied with the 2021 Dodgers at 105. Then Jake Cousins hit Luis Guillorme with a pitch in the top of the ninth to give the Mets the record.

New York Mets will have historic ball from Wednesday

Normally, that is where the story would end. Guillorme would be a footnote in history and the baseball universe would move on with their lives. However, Showalter made certain that would not be the case as he requested the ball that allowed the 2022 Mets to enter the history books.

It is fair to wonder what Showalter and the Mets will do with that ball. Perhaps it will be given to Guillorme as a joking sentimental piece for his part in making history. Maybe it will go to the player who extends that record, being passed around the clubhouse. Or maybe the Mets will bury that ball in a ceremony as they hope to avoid being plunked with such frequency moving forward.

At the same time, this is not the major league record. The 1899 Brooklyn Suberbas were hit by 125 pitches, with Dan McGann and Hughie Jennings leading the time by being plunked 19 times each. It is not a coincidence that Jennings also holds the all time record as he was hit with 287 pitches in his career.

Chances are, the Mets will not reach the Superbas. They would need to be hit by a pitch 19 more times with 11 games left in the season. However, considering the frequency in which the Mets have been hit this season, it could happen. Having a few more games where a player wears a pitch three times would help.

The New York Mets made history on Wednesday. Manager Buck Showalter made certain that moment would be preserved forever.