Chicago Cubs could be surprise suitor for Aaron Judge

There have been plenty of rumors surrounding Aaron Judge, but they have typically involved the same teams. That may be changing now with the Chicago Cubs.

According to Jon Heyman of the New York Post, the Cubs could have a say in Judge’s market. He reported that the Yankees regard the Giants, and possibly the Dodgers and Cubs, as their main competition when it comes to keeping the record breaking slugger in pinstripes.

Do not be surprised if Aaron Judge, Chicago Cubs rumors heat up

The Cubs have been clear that they are not interested in a rebuilding period despite their struggles. That was also clear last offseason as they brought in the likes of Seiya Suzuki and Marcus Stroman to improve the roster.

Hoyer also indicated a willingness to spend during a recent interview on 670 The Score with Holmes and Rahimi, with power bats being at the top of his wish list. He also appeared to indicate that the Cubs would look at shorter term deals with a higher AAV, such as the contract that was given to Stroman during the previous offseason.

While such a plan could work with a player such as Jose Abreu, who the Cubs have been linked to, it may not with Judge. He is going to get long term offers, possibly for a similar AAV as what the Cubs may be offering. If the choice comes down to $40 million per year for four years, or $36 million per over ten years, that is not a difficult decision to make.

If the Cubs are going to land Aaron Judge, they may need to change their modus operandi. However, such a long term deal would be a major gamble; the contract that sent division rival Albert Pujols to the Angels can be considered a cautionary tale. It is one that the Cubs are going to keep in mind.

The Chicago Cubs could end up as a surprise suitor for Aaron Judge. However, unless they change their ways, they may fall short.