Judge, deGrom and more: Where will the top 5 MLB free agents go?

Sep 13, 2022; New York City, New York, USA; New York Mets starting pitcher Jacob deGrom (48) pitches against the Chicago Cubs during the sixth inning at Citi Field. Mandatory Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports
Sep 13, 2022; New York City, New York, USA; New York Mets starting pitcher Jacob deGrom (48) pitches against the Chicago Cubs during the sixth inning at Citi Field. Mandatory Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports /

With the World Series underway, it is about that time where MLB free agency predictions begin.

MLB free agents can sign with a new team five days after the World Series, so it is time to consider where some of the top free agents will go and how it can strongly change the league.

Here are the top five MLB free agents and potential landing spots in the offseason

1. Aaron Judge

The obvious choice for the American League MVP honor in 2022, Aaron Judge will get a massive contract. The 30-year-old outfielder has been a solid hitter his entire career, with a .284 batting average. Judge will make millions, possibly receive a contract similar to Bryce Harper, Manny Machado and Mike Trout. But not all teams will give a play that much money. But wherever Judge ends up, he will make a major impact on the team, both at the plate and on the field.

Potential landing spots: New York Yankees, New York Mets, Los Angeles Angels, San Francisco Giants.

All of these teams have proven that they will spend money in an effort to win. Imagine an outfield with Mike Trout, Shohei Ohtani and Aaron Judge. The Angels would probably still struggle as they wouldn’t sign good enough pitchers, but that sure would make amazing ratings.

2. Jacob deGrom

The injury-prone pitcher is arguably the best pitcher in baseball, when healthy. But despite his constant injuries, he is set to become one of the highest paid pitchers. However, due to him constantly being hurt, don’t expect a team that hasn’t come close to the playoffs to sign him.

Potential landing spots: Seattle Mariners, Atlanta Braves, New York Mets, New York Yankees

The Mariners just extended rookie superstar Julio Rodriguez to a massive 12-year/$209.3 million deal. They are proving that they will spend the necessary money to win, as in the 2021 offseason, they gave Robbie Ray a five-year, $115 million deal, and recently extended Luis Castillo to a five-year, $108 million deal. Add deGrom to that rotation, they should definitely be back in the playoffs, even better.

3. Trea Turner

The superstar, speedy shortstop will make an immediate impact wherever he signs. One of the best shortstops in baseball, Turner can also play at second base. The speed threat will bring numbers that teams haven’t seen in a while, especially on the basepaths and defensively.

Potential landing spots: Los Angeles Dodgers, Philadelphia Phillies, Chicago Cubs, San Francisco Giants

The Dodgers would love to keep Turner, however will they give him the long-term contract that he deserves? The Giants would probably be the best fit for Turner. As Brandon Crawford is likely to come back for another year, his time in baseball is almost done, and this may be the best shortstop class for the next few years. Right now is the perfect time for the Giants to find their replacement for Crawford, and Turner is the best fit. However, there are plenty of rumors swirling about Turner and the Cubs as well.

4. Edwin Diaz

Edwin Diaz had a spectacular season. He was lights out, with a 1.31 ERA, 17.13 K/9, 32 saves, a .158 batting average allowed and a 0.84 WHIP, and will receive a large contract. But Diaz will likely go to a team that needs one or two more arms in the bullpen to be a very strong team.

Potential landing spots: Philadelphia Phillies, New York Yankees, New York Mets

The Yankees are done with Aroldis Chapman, and they likely will not resign him either. The Yankees have proven over the years that they will spend whatever amount of money it takes to try to build a championship team, and they have always had a solid closer. From Mariano Rivera to Aroldis Chapman, they need another closer to continue to be competitive.

5. Carlos Rodon

Carlos Rodon has proven that he is one of the top southpaw starters in baseball. Turning 30 this offseason, he is easily one of the most valued free agents available who will receive a top-tier contract.

Potential landing spots: San Francisco Giants, Los Angeles Angels, St. Louis Cardinals, Texas Rangers

The Cardinals may just be one or two pitchers away from going further in the playoffs. In what will be Adam Wainwright’s final season of his career, the Cardinals would love to win another World Series, with Wainwright retiring on top. As they would have wished that for Albert Pujols and Yadier Molina, they were just a pitcher or two shy away. Signing Rodon may be the best fit for that.

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