Masataka Yoshida will be posted if conditions are met

Masataka Yoshida has made it known that he wants to be posted this offseason.

The Orix Buffaloes star is looking to take his talents stateside. While his preference for the Phillies is well known, mainly because of his idolization of Bryce Harper, he is someone who should generate plenty of interest throughout the league as teams vie for his services.

Orix Buffaloes will let Masataka Yoshida go if…

This is something that the Buffaloes are willing to discuss. According to reports, the Buffaloes are planning to meet about his request and are considering posting their star. But there are conditions that have to be met. What are those conditions? That has not been disclosed to this point.

On the plus side, the Buffaloes are willing to let Yoshida test the market and make him available via the posting system. But those conditions, whatever they may be, have to be a bit of a concern. Maybe it involves how much he would bring back in terms of a payout to the franchise. Or maybe it involves their ability to attempt to sign another star to replace Yoshida in the lineup.

If those conditions are financial, that may not be an issue. Yoshida could command a solid payday stateside after producing a .327/.421/.539 batting line with 133 homers and 161 doubles in his 3189 NPB plate appearances. While his defense is questionable at best, Yoshida’s ability to get on base and hit the ball hard should allow him to come stateside at a respectable salary.

But it still comes down to whatever those conditions are being met. Hopefully, there will be more clarity on those requests in the near future so that teams know if Yoshida will be available this offseason.

The Orix Buffaloes are reportedly willing to post Masataka Yoshida if certain conditions are met. It is now a matter of knowing what those conditions are.