Should Trevor Bauer consider foreign league for 2023 season?

Any major league team that decides to bring Trevor Bauer on board for the 2023 season is going to be faced with backlash.

There is no question that he has the talent to help a major league franchise win immediately. Likewise, the fact that the Dodgers would be on the hook for all but the league minimum should make him even more enticing as teams will not be spending much to bring him on board. On paper, teams would be lining up to add him to their rotation.

Reset may be what Trevor Bauer needs to continue major league career

The problem is that his statistical accomplishments and skill on the mound are not the sum of the experience. Bauer received a major league record suspension for violating the league’s domestic abuse policy, even after the initial two year ban was decreased via appeal. While he did not face charges, the images of the victim and the entire saga left a bad taste in the mouth of the public.

Time has a way of making everything fade. Those horrific moments become forgotten as something else takes center stage. However, the best way for that to happen with Bauer would be to disappear for a bit as well. In his case, a stint overseas for the 2023 season may be the best option.

Other players have taken that same path. Addison Russell headed to the Korean Baseball Organization after a down year on the Cubs following his domestic abuse violation. Other players, such as Yasiel Puig, have headed to foreign leagues in an attempt to rehabilitate their reputations. Maybe that should be the case for Bauer as well.

At the same time, he would also have the chance to show that he is still a top of the rotation arm, even with the time he has missed. Instead of running the risk of being away from the professional game for two and a half years, spending a season in a foreign league would give Bauer the chance to knock the rust off and get back into game action.

Trevor Bauer is still waiting for a major league team to pick up the phone and make an offer. Instead, a trip overseas may be his best option for 2023.