Cardinals, Pirates and Red Sox: 3 preseason predictions we wish we made

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Closing in on a quarter of the way through the 2023 season, there have been as many surprises as disappointments across MLB. Yes, a quarter sample size over a 162-game regular season is not a lot, but it is still telling.

Before every season begins, there are predictions made, and even some bold ones for the upcoming season. Of course, you’re either going to hit on some of them and look good, or fail miserably and set yourself up for some failure. That’s the fun of making predictions.

As the league closes in on the season’s quarter-point, here are three bold predictions we wished we made before the first pitch was thrown on March 28.

MLB prediction do-over: St. Louis Cardinals under 89 wins

Talk about hitting rock bottom. The St. Louis Cardinals have gone from a potential playoff team to being buried in the National League Central Division standings in less than a quarter of the season.

In fact not only do they have the least amount of wins in the National League, but only the Kansas City Royals and Oakland Athletics have fewer wins. That’s not the company you want to be joining early in the season. They just avoided a sweep by the Detroit Tigers by recording a seven-run sixth inning in Sunday’s 12-6 win for win No. 11 on the season in 35 games.

Pitching has not been good, the offense has struggled at times, and the loss of Yadier Molina is evident. Behind the plate after 19 consecutive years is being felt with the pitching staff. Offensively, they are hitting just .259 as a team and their pitching has a team ERA of 4.59. Not a good combination and two stats you’re not used to seeing with the Cardinals.

There is still plenty of time for St. Louis to turn things around, but reaching 89 wins is almost out of the question without a crazy winning streak or two mixed in. Is it possible? Yes, but unlikely. The first step should be finding a way past the Cincinnati Reds in the division. Baby steps.

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