2 reasons the Boston Red Sox don't sign Shohei Ohtani and 1 reason why they will

After firing Chaim Bloom and still looking for a Chief Baseball Head of Operations, the Boston Red Sox are the latest team to be linked to Shohei Ohtani, but there are more reasons as to why they won't sign him than signing him.

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Second reason the Red Sox will not sign Shohei Ohtani

The second reason why the Red Sox won't sign Ohtani is because it's not been the motive over the last few seasons, not to sign players to big contracts. Recent history certainly tells us that.

In 2020, it was clear that the Red Sox were not going to sign outfielder Mookie Betts to a new deal and traded him to the Los Angeles Dodgers, something the franchise has yet to recover from. Then last winter, they were outbid for shortstop Xander Bogaerts who ended up signing with the San Diego Padres.

Boston ended up signing Devers long-term, but it came after owner John Henry got booed by fans at the 2023 NHL Winter Classic at Fenway Park in January when his Pittsburgh Penguins played the Boston Bruins. A week later, Devers was extended.

Cutting back on spending has been the Red Sox way the last five seasons and you can blame Bloom all you want, but he was doing what the front office was telling him to do. It was more about not having to pay the first competitive balance tax threshold. Don't be fooled to think otherwise.